Early Voting is June 3rd - June 11th. Election Day is June 15th. 

In 2021, Allen residents united to elect Dave Shafer, Dave Cornette, and Daren Meis to Allen City Council, driven by frustration with a complacent council that ignored their needs and concerns. Since their election, Shafer and Cornette have consistently honored their commitment to prioritize the residents.


However, they often stood alone on key issues. Now, with Daren Meis no longer on the council, Shafer and Cornette remain the primary advocates for the residents' voices while their opponents are establishment candidates influenced by outside interests.


In 2019, resident Doug Gallagher successfully petitioned for shorter term limits and his charter amendment passed. However, establishment council members and then-Mayor Fulk opposed the change. They placed term limits back on the ballot in 2021, misleading voters into believing a "yes" vote would shorten term limits when in reality it extended them. The residents, realizing the deception, rallied and defeated the proposition.


Now in 2024, the establishment council is again pushing to extend term limits, ignoring the residents' wishes. Re-electing Dave Shafer and Dave Cornette is crucial to ensuring the residents' voices are heard on term limits and other important issues including high-density housing, DART, and advocating for the lowest possible tax rate while fully funding the city.